At Netivate, we have the capacity and experience to deliver small to medium-sized web and digital projects efficiently, and more importantly, reliably. We also pledge to use only licensed software for the design and development of all projects.
Over the years, we have been combining technical know-how and digital design wizardry to give our clients the maximum marketing mileage online. So call us today to find out how you can galvanise your target audience and turn your brand into kinetic marketing force.
When faced with a web project, many marketing executives often ask themselves whether they should hire a professional web agency like us or their undergraduate cousin for a lower fee. We believe that it all depends on your expectations and budget. For a simple website with simple graphics, a one-man operation would suffice. However, if you need more professional programming and graphic design services, a team staffed by technical and creative specialists might fit the bill better.

Project Requirements

Our projects start with defining the objectives of the website or solution, identifying the target audiences, and sitting down with the Client to gather the design and functional requirements. Often, information architecture is planned, wireframes are produced and content requirements are drafted.

Digital Design

The appropriate interface design is key to communicating the website messaging and is essential to delivery good user experience. No layout designs are spared if that helps in conveying the information and improving usability.

Web Development

Responsive production and technical programming are carried out by our internal team, ensuring that the project requirements are met every step of the way, from design to implementation.

Your project experience is as important to us, as the project end result.